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CCA Students Win FMSD Science Fair

The combined efforts of seven 8th grade students have earned them the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes at the FMSD Science Fair. Throughout recent months, these students worked on and created their projects before, during, and after school. With the scientific method in mind, these students let their passions drive their projects.

Third place was award to CCA students Muhammed, Jarren, and Andrew, for their project “Scrap Yard Racing.” The boy’s goal was to make something that could move for the least amount of money. The result was a fast and affordable go-kart. The engine mechanics and governor settings are still in progress.

Second place was awarded to CCA 8th graders Nathan and Chris, for their project “Sumping the Tank.” Together, the boys built a gravity fed aquarium filter that filters fish excrement and other micro-particles. The boys found their filter to be more efficient than a traditional canister filter. Their model is currently being used by 8th grade Science teacher Mr. Robison in several aquariums throughout the classroom.

Finally, first place was awarded to CCA 8th graders Samantha and Joanna, for their project “Tye Dying to Tell You.” For their experiment, the girls hypothesized which fabrics would be most absorbent for tie-dye dye. The girls used three different fabrics—cotton, wool, and polyester—and found cotton to be most absorbent.

Overall, College Connection Academy is extremely proud of these students. Their ingenuity and creativity speaks wonders of their Science education and opportunity for future innovation and growth.

Great job, students! Keep up the good work!