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Flamenco Dancers Visit CCA

The San Jose Flamenco Society has been in business for over thirty years, and is one of the premier Flamenco societies in the United States. As the dancers and Diaz explained, dancing is just a small part of Flamenco. Rather, the art is more about singing and the combination of song and music in rhythmic timing with the dancing performers. Combining singing (cante), dancing (baile), clapping, guitar (toque), and (sometimes) percussion, this art form is sure to hypnotize and captivate audiences from any background.
Flamenco dancing was made prominent by migrant gypsies traveling throughout the southern parts of Spain, near Nachu Lucia in the 1800s. As an art form, it originated in India and slowly made its way to the Middle East. It was influenced by Moroccan music, but the gypsies were the ones who developed it into the hypnotic style seen in modernity.
Today, societies like San Jose's Flamenco Society keep the art vibrant and alive. The company offers lessons on the history of Flamenco, dance lessons, and many other opportunities to interact with and perform this lively expression of movement and sound. To learn more about San Jose's Flamenco Society, you can visit their website here.
Featured below are several clips of the Flamenco dancers performing for and teaching CCA students Flamenco.