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Last day of school - June 4, 2020.
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American Scholastic Challenge 2020

The American Scholastic Achievement League was formed by a committee of middle school teachers who organized and operated a local annual competition for the purpose of challenging their students to demonstrate knowledge and thinking skills and to recognize and reward excellence. The "contest" evolved into a state-wide competition in New York, in 2001, and became a national contest in 2002.

Each year, a group of experienced elementary and middle school teachers from all subject areas, with the help of their students' input, submit a variety of questions for the competition. The ideas and concepts from these questions are used to form each of the six following categories. The categories include: General Knowledge (i.e. food, art, sports, music, current events, entertainment, mythology, etc.), Language and Literature, Geography, History, Science, and Mathematics. The questions are not related to a specific curriculum but are selected to reflect the general knowledge and educational levels expected of eighth-grade students.

Last year CCA placed 1st and 2nd Places in the state of California for the American Scholastic Challenge. This year, Principal Lisa Katimbang and CCA teacher, Dr. Darlene Chan, administered the American Scholastic 2020 National Test to forty CCA 8th Graders.  Twenty-three CCA students scored above the national average and will be receiving certificates of their accomplishment. Congratulations to all of the following students! 


College Connection Academy - 23 students scoring about the national average

  • Anthony K.
  • Gianni N.
  • Misa T.
  • Kevin N.
  • Marvin T.
  • Parth P.
  • Albert W.
  • Chloe L.
  • Danny N.
  • Christine D.
  • Marlys F.
  • Alexa Angelique V.
  • Jaclyn H.
  • Allyson T.
  • Lily D.
  • Nathan H.
  • Cindy D.
  • Andrew N.
  • Jayden T.
  • Christopher A.
  • Emily A.
  • Anna L.
  • Henry T.