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CCA Spirit Week and Costume Contest

It’s that time of the year. Everyone is dressing up as his or her alter ego, kids are hopped up on sugar, and dentists are preparing for a new wave of cavities. What could be more exciting?

At CCA, student leadership organized several fun, Fall activities to encourage student engagement and collaboration. Today’s activity was a costume contest. As students gathered together, they competed for the funniest costume, the scariest costume, the best group costume, and the best overall costume. The rules were simple: no masks, and no solid red and blue colors. The rest was left up to the students and their ability to express themselves creatively.

Students arrived in all sorts of costumes ranging from creepy clowns to super heroes and Power Puff girls. By the end of lunch, the judges had made their decision. While there were some fantastic costumes, several stood out in the crowd. Liz won funniest costume, Aryana won scariest costume, and Ryan won best overall costume. The winning group costume contest was a group of girls dressed up as giraffes. 

Overall, it was a fun activity and a lot of students participated in the event. To those who are going to continue the fun, whether it be through trick-or-treating or a family party, please remember to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. While Halloween, costumes, and other Fall events can be fun, it can also be dangerous. So, stay safe out there!


Here is a list of CCA’s Spirit Week (10/30-11/3) themes:

  • Monday: Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Tuesday: Costume Contest
  • Wednesday: Pride Day (Rainbow)
  • Thursday: Sports Day
  • Friday: 7th grade (green) vs. 8th grade (purple)