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Outstanding Students of CCA

Standing with her family, 7th grade CCA student Anh has been recognized by the Franklin McKinley School District as a Global Learner. The Global Learner award is given to students who demonstrate excellence in the following areas: achievement, citizenship, and leadership. 

At 13 years old, Anh strives to do her best every single day. She learned resiliency when moving from Vietnam with her family in 3rd grade. She remembers her transition to the United States as difficult. She struggled with language barriers, and adapting to new cultural norms that were strange and unfamiliar. However, over time, Anh found a strength that would help her overcome any obstacle she was faced with.

"Things got easier, and I learned to adapt well to any situation" (Anh).

Anh enjoys sports (and is currently one of the star players on CCA's volleyball team), reading, and education. She works hard every single day to improve herself; always getting better. She attributes a large part of her education to College Connection Academy, stating that she has learned a lot since the beginning of 7th grade. On top of the Global Learner award, Anh recently received the Principal's Honor Roll for her 4.0 grade point average. 

As an individual, Anh is a natural leader. If you speak to her, you can't help but smile in the presence of her uplifting, bubbly personality. She adapts to new situations easily, gets along well with others, and is reflective and careful in her choices. I asked what her philosophy on life was, and after a moment's pause she said, "When dealing with stuff, always do your best. If you fail, don't let that pull you down. Always get back up and try your best." These are powerful words to live by. There's no doubt her parents are proud.

Also featured are several of CCA's leadership students representing their school at an FMSD board meeting. From left to right--Dean, Eli, Elyse, and Nevaeh--are the pride and joy of CCA as they model strong leadership skills and represent CCA as the 2018 color guard.