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CCA's first day of school is Tuesday, August 11, 2020. School year will begin with full distance learning. For the latest updates, please visit:
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CCA Science Fair Winners

When I think of Science class, I start to panic. I’m brought back to bubbling beakers, complex equations, and frequently wrong hypotheses. For me, Science was a struggle. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some students excel in Science. They are able to combine their creative and critical thinking faculties to describe and change the world as we know it. These people are innovators who invent new technologies, create cures, and identify new particles for the next generation. We call them scientists.

Recently, CCA hosted a school-wide Science Fair. 7th and 8th grade students teamed up to compete in the competition, sharing projects ranging from an analysis of colored water to constructing prototype appendages. After the CCA Science Fair, several winners from each grade level went on to compete in the district wide competition.


Winners of the CCA School-wide Science Fair: 

7th Grade

Scientific Investigation:

  • Nghi and Nanabi: Is Athleticism Related to the Ratio of the Length of a Person's Ring Finger to His/Her Index Finger?
  • Elijah and Brandon: The Five Second Rule
  • Katherine and Hannah: pH and Ice 


  • Angeline: Light Up My Nightlight

8th Grade

Scientific Investigation:

  • Dean and Aden: Judge By First Sight
  • Amy and Andrew:  Bacteria Everywhere


  • Linh and Madeline: Need a Hand?
  • Kim, Mila, and Jennifer: B.E.A.R


All students represented CCA as some of the strongest contestants in the entire district. By the end of the District-wide competition, several CCA students proved their 2018 Science Fair projects to be superior. 8th grade students Linh and Madeline won 1st Place in the District-wide competition for their project entitled “Need a Hand?” Also, 8th grade students Kim, Mila, and Jennifer won 2nd Place for their project entitled “B.E.A.R.”

“Need a Hand” was a project designed to reduce the cost of modern day prosthetics. Since the average prosthetics cost about $2,000-$3,000, Linh and Madeline wanted to create two fully functional hands for only about $100 in total. While the prosthetics aren’t fully functional, the girls are continuing work on their projects to make their vision a reality.

“B.E.A.R.” was a project to make vending machines portable and sustainable. Kim, Mila, and Jennifer worked together to make a portable vending machine that ran on battery power. The girls also plan on continuing their project to make them compatible with solar panels. Applications for such a project could be seen in the festival scene, such as Burning Man, where there are large numbers of thirsty people with little to no sources of electricity.

Both projects will be recognized at the FMSD board meeting on March 27th. If you are available, please stop by the district office to congratulate and support these young women on their innovation, design, and desire to improve the world.