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Upcoming CCA Field Trips

CCA students are out learning in the community this fall.  Both the seventh and the eighth grade students are taking four academic field trips throughout the school year.  Each grade will visit a university library for instruction in how to research topics using various library databases and some ways to identify “fake news.”  The seventh graders will be visiting Evergreen Valley College Library for their lesson, and the eighth grade will be visiting San Jose State University’s Library.  As part of this program, all CCA students have been issued a San Jose Public Library card and been introduced to the services available with that card including free passes to museums throughout the Bay Area.

Each grade will visit a local University for a tour and discussion with current students about their college experiences.  The seventh graders are visiting Santa Clara University and eighth graders will tour San Jose State University.

In addition, the seventh graders will visit Fujitsu Planetarium at De Anza College for a show on the solar system and the night sky.  Their fourth trip will be to our local community farm, Veggielution, located at the Emma Prusch Farm. At Veggielution, students will learn to weed the plants, harvest and clean vegetables, and possibly bring home fresh produce too!

The eighth graders will round out their off-campus explorations with a trip to the San Jose Museum of Art and a visit to one of the courts in Santa Clara County.  The museum trip will include both a tour of one of the permanent collections and a hands on opportunity to create some art of their own. The court trip will involve a discussion with a Superior Court Judge or a California Appeals Court Justice and a tour of the court buildings and campus.

Although the field trips have already started, we still need chaperones for the remaining trips.  If you are and eighth grade parent, and can help out on Friday, November 9th or Friday, December 7th, please call the front office at 1-408-347-4827, or email to let us know.  Seventh grade parents, the remaining dates are Friday, October 19th, Friday, November 2nd, and Friday, November 30th.  Come along and see your kids learning!