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School will be closed November 25-27 for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Classes will resume on November 30, 2020.  Enjoy your holiday with family and friends!
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East Side Union High School District Graduation Requirements

In order to earn a diploma from the East Side Union High School District, students must: 1, pass the California High School Exit Exam and 2, pass 220 credits in the areas shown below.

Subject Requirement Credits Required

English Students must pass:
4 years of English  40

Social Science Students must pass:
1 year of World History
1 year of United States History
1 semester of Economics
1 semester of American Government  30

Mathematics Students must pass:
Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1
Geometry or Integrated Math 2 
(or higher level courses)  20

Science Students must pass:
2 years of college prep lab science that satisfies the University of California a-g course sequence.   20

Fine Arts or Foreign Language Students must pass:
1 year course in fine arts or foreign language   10

Physical Education Students must pass:
2 years of Physical Education (1 year must be taken in the 9th grade)   20

Electives  Students must pass elective courses chosen in the following areas: Art, Business, 
Home Economics, Careers and Technology,
English, Foreign Language, Math, Music, 
Industrial Education, P.E., Reading, Science
Social Science, Safety Education and work
experience/CCOC/ROP  80

Total  220