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CCA Summer Session:  June 21st - July 16th                     First day of school for 21 - 22 school year -- August 10th, 2021                         Enjoy your summer!
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Uniform Policy

CCA Dress Code

  • Collared shirts only.
    • Shirts may be green, white, gray, or black.  
    • Students may wear shirts with a CCA, CASL, or University logo.
  • Pants may be black or khaki.
  • Shorts may be black or khaki.
    • The bottom must be longer than the tips of your fingers when your arms are at your sides.
    • Basketball shorts should be reserved for P.E. only.
  • Belts may be black with plain buckles, only.
  • Shoes and socks may be any color but not overtly red or blue.
  • Backpacks may be any color but not overtly red or blue.
  • Jackets/sweatshirts may be white, black, or gray.  
  • Logos must be small enough to be covered by a thumb.
  • Gloves may be black, green, or khaki.  
    • They are allowed during winter months only, and must be worn with pants and long sleeve shirts.
  • Accessories (such as bracelets) may not be overtly red or blue.  They may need to be removed during some P.E. activities.  
    • Accessories considered excessive or distracting are not allowed.