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CCA's first day of school is Tuesday, August 11, 2020. School year will begin with full distance learning. For the latest updates, please visit:
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Photo Album

CCA back to school night, 2018.
CCA back to school night, 2018.
CCA students showing off their dance moves.
CCA Spirit Day (Disney themed), 2018
Three students wearing Disney themed clothes.
Students volunteering at Veggielution, 2018.
Students shovel dirt to prepare rows for planting.
Students standing in a greenhouse.
CCA students learn about sustainable agriculture at Veggielution, 2018.
Students headed to lunch after a hot day of hard work.
Students weeding rows of radishes.
CCA students donning sun hats at Veggielution community garden.
CCA Spirit Week: Students dressed up in their pajamas!
CCA Spirit Week: female teachers twinning in their "Love is Love" shirts.
CCA students showing off their pajamas.
Ms. Mai and Dr. Chan showing off their pajamas for Spirit Week.
CCA students playing cornhole at San Jose State University.
CCA students and Ms. Renteria at the SJSU field trip.
CCA students exploring SJSU's campus and standing by several statues.
CCA teachers wearing black shirts, blue jeans, and pink sun glasses for "Twin Day."
CCA staff twinning on Spirit Day, 2018.
Two CCA students on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.
Two CCA students hanging out in their pajamas and eating cup noodles.
A group of students standing around a piano at San Jose State.
CCA students at SJSU, crowding into an elevator.
Three CCA students wearing their pajamas.
CCA students touring a kitchen at a SJSU dormitory.
CCA students working on the computers at SJSU.
Students using chalk to write "CCA."
A CCA student who has written, "CCA Family" in chalk.
Five CCA students relaxing in their PJ's for Spirit Week.
A group of CCA students on a field trip and posing for a picture.
CCA Leadership students plan out fun College Day themed games.
A group shot of CCA 7th grade students.
A representative from San Jose State talking to the students about college.
A college recruiter discussing the application process with students.
CCA students gathering around college tables to learn more the different programs.
CCA student browsing through the pamphlets of Evergreen Valley Community College.
CCA students handing out college bracelets.
Students gathered around for CCA's Milk Tea fundraiser.
CCA students and two teachers supporting the LGBTQ+ community.
CCA student dressed as a ninja.
A photo of Mr. Lauchli as Snow White, alongside his 7 dwarfs.
A student dressed as a Naruto ninja.
CCA leadership students dressed as bunny rabbits.
CCA's secretary dressed in a toga.
Two students dressed up for Halloween.
One student dressed up as Spiderman, and another student dressed up in an inflatable dinosaur costume.
A student dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle.
A CCA student dressed up as Morty from Rick and Morty.
A CCA student writing in a notebook with a quill pen.
Several CCA students dressed up for Halloween.
A student riding on the back of another student wearing a unicorn costume.
Two students posing for a picture in their costumes.
A group of CCA students posing by a fence.
Two CCA students posing for a picture. One is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.
A student dressed in an Ao Dai, a Vietnamese dragon costume.
Several students dressed up as devils and ghouls.
A group of students posing for a Halloween picture. One student is dressed as Mrs. Potato Head.
Two CCA students walking across campus.
CCA Staff dressed up for Halloween.
A CCA student dressed up in a red tie.
A CCA student dressed up as Colin Kaepernick.
A group of CCA students making holiday cards.
Two CCA students standing behind a table full of toiletries.
Two CCA volunteers standing behind a table full of toiletries.
Students and families working on an assembly line to put together care packages.
CCA students packing toiletries into bags for the homeless.
A group of people working in an assembly line to create care packages.
Two CCA students putting toiletries into a bag.
A group shot of everyone who worked toward providing for the homeless.
A group shot in a classroom of CCA's basketball team.
Two students tuning their guitars at the Winter Concert, 2018.
A group shot of the students on stage for the Winter concert.
Sadie, a therapy dog.
Students petting Sadie, a therapy dog.
Sadie, the therapy dog.
Students petting a therapy dog.
A large crowd outside a white building.
A tall, tower-like building.
CCA students and families outside a building at UC Berkeley.
Four CCA students holding Rubik's cubes.
A student holding a trophy and a bracket for March Madness.
A student holding a trophy and a bracket for March Madness.