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CCA College Day

Friday, October 20, CCA students were met with a special opportunity to learn more about their teachers' college experiences.  In each class, teachers discussed what it took to get them into college, what their college experiences were like, and how college provided opportunities for the future.  After, students were able to ask questions about college, financial aid, and different career opportunities.  
During lunch, CCA counselor, Ms. Mai, created College Bingo charts which required students to ask questions about their teachers' college experiences.  Questions ranged from questions about school locations and mascots to levels of education acquired.  Near the end of lunch, Ms. Mai and student leadership conducted a College Trivia game and handed out prizes to the winning teams.
To wrap up the day, CCA staff invited a prominent education specialist to talk about her college experiences as she attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, Harvard University for her Masters, and University of Texas for her Ph.D. in Education.  As a first generation middle school graduate, she was able to relate to many of our students' struggles, backgrounds, and home life; sharing with them that anything is possible through hard work and determination.  Throughout her presentation, students were encouraged to ask questions about her life, college experience, and career.  It was truly an inspirational speech.
Overall, the day revolved around a common theme: GO TO COLLEGE! Further your education, and through education experience the opportunities that follow.  As a college preparatory program, CCA encourages students to further and deepen their education on a daily basis.  However, every now and then, it is important to set aside a day to answer questions and talk about one of the most important obstacles one can strive to overcome and achieve: acquiring a college degree.