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CCA Students of the Month (August/September)

Each month, CCA recognizes outstanding students to represent their class as Student of the Month. Today, we recognize 8th grader Bithania and 7th grader Joceany as our August and September Students of the Month.
Despite her constant drive for excellence, this is Bithania's first time being recognized as Student of the Month. When asked how this made her feel, she said it felt really good to be recognized for all the hard work she puts into her education. Education is one of the most important things for her. She said, "Getting the opportunity to learn things from others, listening to them as they share their wisdom and knowledge, makes me feel special because not all people get that opportunity. It determines all of our futures."
Bithania said she is inspired by her mom because her mom came to the United States with nothing. Despite some medical issues, her mom came to the United States to have a better life and raise Bithania to the best of her ability. "No matter what happened, my mom always worked hard," Bithania said. "She does whatever it takes to achieve happiness for her family." Just knowing people like her mother exist inspires Bithania to become like-minded. Near the end of our interview, Bithania left off with a final message. "Even if you are stressed out, just know that it will pass. You will overcome it. Never give up. Always try your best. Even if you don't see the results immediately, they will be overcome over time. Just be patient."
Joceany has also been recognized as the Student of the Month for the very first time. To her, education means getting your future together and learning. When asked what inspires her, Joceany said her sister inspires her because she was the first generation in her family to go off to college. Upon graduating, she achieved her goal of becoming a teacher. 
This sort of drive and determination has inspired Joceany to become an immigration lawyer when she grows up. "My parents were immigrants, and they had a hard time gaining citizenship." Joceany wants to help out other people who are going a similar struggle. She wants to help all people achieve equality. Near the end of our interview, Joceany just wanted to say, "Thank you to all the teachers who voted for me as Student of the Month. It really meant a lot to me."