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CCA StoryMaker Promotional Video

Media Arts is just one of CCA's many elective courses that 7th and 8th grade students attend. The class utilizes Wonder Media's StoryMaker program to create short, animated videos. 
Before you watch the following video, please recognize the amount of work that went into this single production. Students worked in small groups to cover various topics relating to CCA's program.
  • Step 1: Before animating their video, each group:
    • interviewed staff,
    • wrote a script,
    • storyboarded their scenes,
    • and photographed backgrounds.
  • Step 2: To create the animations, students used StoryMaker to:
    • superimpose the characters over the backgrounds
    • and then animate character movements.
  • Step 3: To create the audio, students:
    • recorded their voices in Audacity,
    • edited their audio,
    • and synced the recordings to the characters and their movements within their videos.
  • Step 4: To organize all the various elements, students:
    • synced animations and audio together,
    • added camera angles,
    • and stop and go indicators for the computer to know who is talking and when.
  • Step 5: Once their videos were created, Mr. Holm helped:
    • enhance the visual and audio quality of the videos,
    • create transitions,
    • and add after-effects to various scenes using Adobe Elements (which the students are still learning).
The entire production took about two months of cooperative planning, animating, recording, and organizing to make this project as amazing as possible. Enjoy!